Special Participation


Fatias de Cá, is a professional and amateur theater group established in 1979. Its motto “Do not resist a new idea or an old wine.”

We proudly announce that Fatias de Cá group is performing their play “Templars Tresure”, for the workshop participants’. The performance will start on the 20th November, at 14.14, in room B121.



Tesouro dos Templários - cartaz (1)


The Treasure of the Templars

(Carlos Carvalheiro)

King Dinis of Portugal and Queen Isabel of Aragon (XIV century) supported the implementation of a brand new sea, proposed by the Templar Order, which would unify the world in an Age of the Holy Spirit. Anyway, the Pope Clement V and King Philip of France, the Handsome , accused the Order of heresy and decided its extinction.