How to get to the IPT Campus

Tomar campus is located within 25 minutes walk from the city centre.

Transport to Tomar campus 

You can access the campus by car, by taxi or by bus.

  • Bus

There is a bus line (a red bus called TUTOMAR) with stops in different parts of the city, which goes to the campus – blue line – (tickets cost 1,00€ – bought on the bus).

Pass cards or rechargeable cards can be bought at the central bus station in the city centre.

You can download the TUTOMAR timetable here:

If you require further information on the TUTOMAR, please call +351 249 312 815 or visit

  • TAXI

You can ask for a taxi to take you to the IPT Campus, here are some contacts:

– Taxitemplários: +351 962124508 / +351 912702002,

– Mario João Antunes Luís, Unipessoal Lda: tel. +351 249 313 071

– António Pranto LDA: tel.+351 249 312 553

– Luis Gil do Pranto Lda: tel. +351 249 312 373


You can also rent a car to come to the campus or to go sight seeing.